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Basso Luce e Aria provides useful tools that a professional may need to support his work.
Dedicated sections for product data sheets, information for the realization of specifications, design and maintenance of fire protection systems.

Basso Luce Aria offers its know-how to technicians and professionals, making them autonomous in choosing the most suitable solutions for their needs.


Our software helps you to solve system sizing problems through simulations. Rely on low air light to design an ad hoc ventilation system.

software di dimensionamento SDE -Basso Evacuatori di Fumo


SDE is a sizing software for natural smoke and heat evacuators according to the UNI 9494-1 standard created by Basso Luce e Aria for designers, technicians and professionals in the fire-fighting sector.
Operation: enter the dimensions of the rooms to be protected and the performance required by the natural smoke and heat evacuation system, the software will calculate the useful size of the natural smoke and heat evacuators and the size of the smoke barriers.
Use is simple and free.

For more information, watch the dedicated video tutorial

Laboratorio di prova - Basso Luce e Aria


The test laboratory is a tool designed by the Research and Development Office of Low Light and Air, it is used to concretely simulate possible situations of fire in certain environments, thus allowing the study of new systems for the evacuation of smoke.
The test laboratory is the fulcrum of our work, it can be visited at our company.

screenshot fire safety software


The Fire Safety Software is a tool designed for maximum design efficiency.
It allows you to simulate particular situations and study alternative methods for the design of the fire-fighting system.
This innovative software in fact allows you to predict the trend of fumes and temperatures that develop in particular environments and consequently study and design an ad hoc system even in the event of localized fires.


See our products in action, find out about the calculation items, download drawings in dwg and consult the technical data sheets.

Video Tutorial - Basso Luce e Aria


In this section you can find short and intuitive videos of Basso Luce and Aria products, on the maintenance of our smoke evacuators and on the ENFC system in general.

area tecnica download - Basso Luce e Aria


Section dedicated to the download of documents useful for the designer and the professional in general.
In the documents area, you can download the technical data sheets of all the components of our fixed and opening skylights, smoke evacuators, the Basso Luce and Aria catalog in digital format, the calculation items and the dwg drawings of our product range.