The test laboratory is a particular tool
conceived by the Research and Development division of
Low Light and Air Of course.

Thanks to the test laboratory it is possible to simulate it
development of a fire and its effects to analyze e
study the trend of smoke in buildings.

What it allows us to do

Observe and understand smoking behavior in real time
Observe and understand the behavior of smoking at different temperatures
Prepare didactic presentations of the studies conducted to the public
Try cases outside the field of applicability of the UNI 9494-1 standard

Results / actions achieved

Increased knowledge of the kinematics of fumes
Active contribution to the improvement of the UNI 9494-1 standard

Thanks to the studies carried out with the test laboratory and with computer simulations, the Research and Development division of Basso Luce Aria Naturally managed to extend the field of applicability of the UNI 9494-1 standard to surface areas of less than 600 m.2 that is up to 400 m2 for sizing groups GD1 and GD2.

Foto Laboratorio di Prova - Basso

The ongoing studies are finding the possibility of using the weighted average of the heights for calculating the height of the room introduced by the new fire prevention code (Ministerial Decree 3/8/2015). In fact, in environments with different heights, the standard does not provide a calculation method and prohibits the installation of evacuators below the height of the room.

Our research is showing that it is possible to use the formula of the weighted average of the heights and that it is possible to install the evacuators below the calculated height of the room.

extract DM 3/8/2015

10. Average height of a room (hm): weighted average of the heights h, of a room with the projection in plants of the portion of the surface of A, of the surface of height hi:

Note: Examples are shown in illustration G. 1-2

In fact, it is possible to see from the graph that in a room of two different heights in equal percentage, the quantity of smoke that comes out of the lower evacuators is equal to that of the higher smoke evacuators when the free layer of smoke is at least 2 meters below. the lowest height of the room.

grafico confronto portata totale evacuatori

Basso Luce Aria through its R & amp; d contributes to solving the problems of the designers who rely with confidence on our experience and maturity.




The smoke only fills the tank above the firebox with the compliant barrier.

Smoke invades both tanks because of the barrier is not compliant with the outbreak sizing group.


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